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Rochester, Minnesota Photographer specializing in Newborn, Baby, Children, Family and Senior Photography, Bliss Photography LLC. My name is Catharine and I really just want to cuddle with your newborn, cry with you when you tell me about meeting your baby for the first time and rejoice with you when your child takes their first steps and reaches exciting milestones in their life. Taking photos is my way to share in your life. I'm looking forward to meeting you and getting to know your family! Thanks for considering Bliss Photography LLC.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Location, Location, Location: Rochester, MN Photography

Many times I am asked about locations for photos. We live in a pretty cool area with many options. Here is a list of ones that I frequently use or really like.

Plummer House
This is a really popular spot for photos of all kinds.
Pros: Great stone, flowers all summer, many options, fountains, large gardens, pretty doors
Cons: Typically booked on the weekends in the summer, not good for fall color
Here are some shots from Plummer

winter maternity bliss photography-2745
lesbian wedding minnesota blissphotography-8224

Downtown Rochester
This is a great spot for alternative photos
Pros: Unique backgrounds, great color, many options
Cons: Sometimes dirty, can be busy with people
Here are some shots from Downtown

stewartville senior blissphotography-6335
mayo clinic bliss photography -9925
family bliss photography-2710

History Center
This spot is great for a rustic, country look for your photos
Pros: tractors, field, stream, old house and barn
Cons: not many here, unless there is an event going on
Here are some shots from the History Center

bliss photography-2849
boy on quilt bliss photography-4101

Quarry Hill
This is great for a country, prairie feel to your photos
Pros: pond, trails, tall grass, bridges, great fall color
Cons: Some areas are hard to get to and can be tough to access. Ask me about the two areas, front or back of Quarry Hill.
Here are some shots from Quarry Hill

large family fall bliss photography--18
senior male bliss photography-9107

Apple Orchard
This is great for spring and fall. In the spring the blossoms are in full bloom for about a week, so some careful planning is needed. In the fall the apples are ripe and the color is beautiful.
Pros: secluded, great color, unique, farm feel, private land that I have permission to be at
Cons: busy in the fall
orchard family blissphotography-8427
bliss photography-3621

Essex Park
Great for a woodsy feel for pictures.
Pros: old grain bin, old barn, creek to sit in, bridge
Cons: some options, but not lots
Here are a couple shots from Essex Park

maternity blissphotography-7043
senior girl bliss photography-2004

Bliss Photography's Yard
Great if you would like a variety of indoor and outdoor shots without the extra location fee
Pros: less time, easy access
Cons: not a lot of variety, not ideal for larger groups
Here are some shots from the yard

outdoor newborn bliss photography-3256

I have also shot in backyards, on individual farms, in homes, in various parks, in empty lots and lots of other unique spots. Contact me for questions on your perfect location for your photo shoot!

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