Rochester MN Disney inspired newborn photo session: Ariella

Day 1: Cinderella

cinderella princess
disney princess newborn cinderella

Day 2: Sleeping Beauty

disney sleeping beauty newborn photo
disney sleeping beauty photo for newborn

Day 3: Beauty and the Beast Belle

disney princess beauty and the beast newborn
beauty and the beast newborn belle disney

Day 4: Anna from Frozen

anna frozen halloween costume disney princess
disney princess newborn anna frozen

Day 5: Elsa from Frozen

elsa frozen disney newborn photo

Day 6: Snow White

snow white disney newborn photo shoot

Day 7: Ariel 

little mermaid ariel disney newborn photo
disney little mermaid newborn photo shoot

Sweet Ariella's mom loves all things Disney, so it was only fitting to dress up her own little princess into 7 different #disney princesses. Join me as I show you a new princess each day! 

minnie mouse mom newborn disney photo

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Rochester MN Senior Photographer: Nick

Nick was a rock star for his senior photo session in Rochester, MN. A true pro as we moved from the studio, to down town to out in the woods hiking! 

Rochester MN Photographer-3339.jpg
Rochester MN Photographer-3349.jpg
Rochester MN Photographer-3313.jpg
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Rochester, MN Senior Photographer: Mckenna Triton High School Class of 2018

Mckenna and I met a few weeks ago to discuss her ideas for her high school senior session. She said "Would you be able to go out to my Great Grandpa's farm? It's about 45min from here but I just know it would mean the world to him" How could I say no?  A few small towns later I met up with Mckenna. She was hanging out with her grandpa and her great grandpa.  Her Great Grandpa is 96. He has a sign leading up to his home that "Swede's this way" He rested on a cane in the door way but his excitement was clear. He told me that his great granddaughter got all the looks and he just can't compete anymore. The farm cat purred at my feet while we talked. I later learned this same cat once had 2 tails! Then one day someone stepped on one of the tails and it fell off with the cat none the wiser. 

 I looked around at what was once a majestic barn that was now covered in green vines and hadn't been painted for a while. A Christmas star almost as big as the barn hung with lights still on the side. You could tell generations have loved this farm and swung from the swings that still hung in the trees.  Mckenna was stunning and we had a blast on her great grandpa's farm. He couldn't stay away from all the action though and took his mower over to see us and watch me work.  I told him that I didn't know I was doing a senior session too! He stole my heart, and even let this Norske park where only the Swedes are allowed. 

One of our last shots was of Mckenna near the old tractor that she learned to drive on. The same tractor that her mom learned on, her grandma and many others in the family. 

Bliss Photography-3105.jpg

Valentine's mini photo session review: Rochester MN

"Cuteness overload ahead. I seriously struggle to get good pictures of my son. As soon as he sees the camera come out he gets serious and won't smile. Catharine Bliss of Bliss Photography did amazing with Gryffyn and got his charming, adorable smile to come out. She also did it all in about 20 minutes. I would definitely recommend her for all your photography needs, especially if you have a non-stop toddler who refuses to smile. Thank you so much for this Catharine! I can't stop looking at these. He really is going to be a heartbreaker some day...sigh..."


Winter Wonderland Maternity: Rochester, MN

I awoke to a text. Think we can meet today? I looked outside. It was the perfect snow globe day, like someone literally took the world and shook it out to reveal a winter wonderland complete with warm heavy snow falling. We discussed beforehand that Margo would love some photos in the snow for her maternity photos this time. I said it's tricky. I never know when the right conditions would appear. Well, when I saw the forecast the night before I was certain we would catch the magic. Thanks to Margo for making sure her Grandmothers shrug was mailed out ahead of time and for so beautifully enduring the beautiful winter snow. 

bliss photography maternity

Best Bliss Newborn Photo 2016: Rochester, MN Newborn photographer


Welcome to the 2016 Best of Bliss Newborn Photo in Rochester, Minnesota. I'm so excited to introduce my top 10. These photos all gave me that "wow" feeling when going through the many many photos.  While all the babies are amazing, please vote for the photo that also stands out for you. 

The majority of the lovely 2016 newborns

The majority of the lovely 2016 newborns


The winner will receive:

1 free milestone session with all the edited digital photos ($395 value)

1 free milestone session for a friend or a $200 gift card towards another session

1 16x24 canvas of the winning photo

bragging rights all year


Voting will close at 1:00pm on January 18th. So, share with your friends, your family, your neighbors, strangers at the store, that guy next to you on your next flight, your kids and anyone who has a device and can vote. 

1. Elina

2. Evan V.

3. Qwest

4. Ava

bliss photography-6246.jpg

5. Jake

6. Riya

7.  Evan N.

8. Beckett

9. Harvey and Harrison

10. Nolan

Please vote only once per device, winners will be notified. Photos were selected by the photographer as my top 10 favorite newborn photos that I took in 2016. Babies who parents allowed sharing on social media and who were not model calls were eligible to be selected for the top 10. Happy Voting! 



Rochester, MN Maternity Milk Bath

Come take a bath with me.... 

January 2017 special Milk Bath photos, I'll provide everything you need. These are great for your growing belly or if you'd like with your new baby (0-4mo). 

$295 includes the session and all the edited digital files. Prints and additional products are extra. Take $100 off if you also schedule your newborn photos with me for 2017. 

*Milk Bath session must be booked during daylight hours and scheduled in January, special extended on a first come basis for limited slots

maternity milk bath

Bliss studio landscaping project

I'm really excited to share a house project we had this year. Many of you have climbed our ridiculously steep driveway in order to reach the studio. From the minute we bought this house we knew we needed a better solution. Since the studio was the first priority, the front yard had to wait. Finally after a years wait we got our new front steps.


Heglands Creative Landscapes won our bid, not in price but in solutions offered. Ryan was so easy to work with. Right away when I proposed the need for steps he was showing me what he could do. He kept saying, lots of curves and soft lines. He won me over for sure. Other solutions proposed ended in boring grey cement steps straight up the front with no consideration for our home.


We finally booked him in January 2016 and he started work only a week after he proposed he would in August. He said the project would take 4-5 days, it ended up being 6 days but with crazy rains, the extra day was understandable.


He allowed me to offer my own ideas and paired those with his extensive knowledge of landscape and design. In the end, I am so happy with the result. It is way more than I imagined and it fits my work and my family perfectly. I now have a front yard I look forward to hanging out in and a much better solution for clients as well. Enjoy some project photos!


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Rochester, MN Photography: Med City Doulas Breastfeeding event

I worked on a great collaboration with Med City doulas this month in celebration of World Breastfeeding week. They hosted this great event for moms to come and hang out together and of course take photos with their breastfeeding babies. We had a 5 day old, a 2.5 year old and even twins! Thank you to all the amazing moms for coming out to this event. I can't wait to do it again next year !


Rochester, MN Maternity Photographer: Dr. Katie

For a while now, I've wanted to try a milk bath photoshoot. So when I suggested this to Dr. Katie of RAK Chiropractic, she was all in! I was a bit surprised that she was so willing, but that is just who she is. She trusts my vision and is willing to run with it! It's not everyday someone will say yes to taking a bath at your house! We had such a fun time since I really had no idea what I was doing and well, this was really a first for her as well. I love playing though and creating art. 


And if you are wondering what is inside that magical bump?  It's a boy! Congrats to Katie and Ryley and big brother Mo! I'm so excited to meet little Mylo. :) 

Rochester, MN Breastfeeding session: Hannah

April isn't the prettiest month, but I fell in love with the beautiful neutral tones in this session for Hannah. To capture her with her second baby, 5 month old Simon, and some of their breastfeeding relationship. I love being able to provide outfits for these sessions if you need! 


We also spent a little time in the studio with her oldest Norah to capture all the faces of being 3. 

3 year old neutral bliss photography rochester mn

Even dad, Peder jumped in a photo 

Minecraft birthday party DIY

My son Patrick turned 8 and we threw him a minecraft party. It was really simple to do and he loved it! 


First off the details. I made "potion" with a tub of lime sherbet and a 2 liter bottle of sprite. Then I crafted a cake out of 2 different sheet cakes and 2 different types of rice crispie bars. It had a bridge, lava, a diamond mine, animals and grass. Really pretty simple with frosting and a little creativity. We covered our stairs with "lava" to keep kids from going upstairs. I used little aliens err.. "creepers" to hand out as a party favors. A nether portal was just a plastic table cloth over our entry.  Foam swords were a big hit as came in handy for the TNT piñata (just a box with tissue paper around it) We had a diamond hunt (small plastic crystals from the party store) that we hid in the sandbox. The place cards also served as clues to help find the diamonds. We finished off the party with minecraft projected on the big tv, although the boys quickly lost interest in that and headed outside for their own minecraft adventure. 

minecraft party details


April Milestone special

Celebrate a birthday with this cake smash special in April only. Limited spots available. All edited digital files are included (around 15+) You provide the cake, I'll provide the clean up and props and outfits if needed. email to snag one of these spots!