Bliss studio landscaping project

I'm really excited to share a house project we had this year. Many of you have climbed our ridiculously steep driveway in order to reach the studio. From the minute we bought this house we knew we needed a better solution. Since the studio was the first priority, the front yard had to wait. Finally after a years wait we got our new front steps.


Heglands Creative Landscapes won our bid, not in price but in solutions offered. Ryan was so easy to work with. Right away when I proposed the need for steps he was showing me what he could do. He kept saying, lots of curves and soft lines. He won me over for sure. Other solutions proposed ended in boring grey cement steps straight up the front with no consideration for our home.


We finally booked him in January 2016 and he started work only a week after he proposed he would in August. He said the project would take 4-5 days, it ended up being 6 days but with crazy rains, the extra day was understandable.


He allowed me to offer my own ideas and paired those with his extensive knowledge of landscape and design. In the end, I am so happy with the result. It is way more than I imagined and it fits my work and my family perfectly. I now have a front yard I look forward to hanging out in and a much better solution for clients as well. Enjoy some project photos!


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