Rochester, MN: The birth of Emsley

I had never met Mindy but I knew that after canceling her family session it was something serious. She was at high risk for loosing her miracle baby. Fast forward a couple months and I get a message. "Hey. I know this is last minute and chances are slim but I'm in the hospital in labor and they are trying to stop it. Since baby is so little it could go fast..." I was just welcoming family in for the holidays.  I texted back that I'd be there. A couple hours later I got the text to come. I arrived at the hospital not sure what to expect with a baby coming at only 24 weeks. The nurses and doctors were so sweet and welcomed me back into the OR. The Neonatologist even sat for a while chatting with me about my camera and looking for photo tips!  Then he went on to tell me the best photo options once baby was born. He explained what would happen when baby came out, how they would delay the cord a minute to give it time to give as much blood to baby. How they would take baby to the warmer in the next room and how I'd have a chance to photograph her without the tube in or mask on. Once she was out he then ushered dad back so he could hold her tiny little hand while they worked to make sure her airways were clear and she was stable. Her brave mom fought the urge to push for fear of the unknown once she was out. She did though with her sweet husband by her side reassuring her that their daughter was in good hands. I had tears streaming down my face watching this sweet little soul make her way earthside. She let out the tiniest of squeaks to let us know she was ok. I'm so grateful to Mindy and Nate for trusting me with their tiniest treasure. It will be a moment I may never forget. 



I had the opportunity to visit Emsley at one week old. She is doing so much better then anyone expected at her age. Although every NICU stay is a rollercoaster, here is to hoping for less big ups and downs and more just little bumps as she grows bigger and stronger every day. 

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