Rochester, MN Senior Photographer: Mckenna Triton High School Class of 2018

Mckenna and I met a few weeks ago to discuss her ideas for her high school senior session. She said "Would you be able to go out to my Great Grandpa's farm? It's about 45min from here but I just know it would mean the world to him" How could I say no?  A few small towns later I met up with Mckenna. She was hanging out with her grandpa and her great grandpa.  Her Great Grandpa is 96. He has a sign leading up to his home that "Swede's this way" He rested on a cane in the door way but his excitement was clear. He told me that his great granddaughter got all the looks and he just can't compete anymore. The farm cat purred at my feet while we talked. I later learned this same cat once had 2 tails! Then one day someone stepped on one of the tails and it fell off with the cat none the wiser. 

 I looked around at what was once a majestic barn that was now covered in green vines and hadn't been painted for a while. A Christmas star almost as big as the barn hung with lights still on the side. You could tell generations have loved this farm and swung from the swings that still hung in the trees.  Mckenna was stunning and we had a blast on her great grandpa's farm. He couldn't stay away from all the action though and took his mower over to see us and watch me work.  I told him that I didn't know I was doing a senior session too! He stole my heart, and even let this Norske park where only the Swedes are allowed. 

One of our last shots was of Mckenna near the old tractor that she learned to drive on. The same tractor that her mom learned on, her grandma and many others in the family. 

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