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My name is Catharine and I really just want to cuddle with your newborn, cry with you when you tell me about meeting your baby for the first time and rejoice with you when your child takes their first steps. Taking photos is my way to share in your life. I'm looking forward to meeting you and getting to know your family! Based in Rochester, MN, Bliss Photography LLC. specializes in Newborn, Baby, Children, Family, and Senior Photography. Be sure to stop over to my Facebook page for lots of recent work Thanks for considering Bliss Photography LLC.


Friday, January 30, 2015

Congratulations! Best of Bliss Newborn Photos 2014

Congratulations to our winner of the Best of Bliss 2014 Newborn Photo Contest...


His family wins:
 Free session to be used prior to June 2015 (worth $150)
A free session for a friend to be used prior to June 2015 (worth $150)
1- 8x10 album of any session of your choosing (worth $125)
An 8x12 framed print of the winning photo (worth $110)
Total prize worth: $535!

Such a tight contest this year.  A huge thanks to all who voted!

And the winning photo:
bliss photography-outdoor newborn Patrick

Friday, January 16, 2015

Rochester Mn Newborn Photographer Vote for the Best Newborn Photo of 2014

Congratulations to my Top 10 favorite newborn photos of 2014! 

My work is very important to me. There are times though when I take a photo and I just know it will be a favorite. It may be the colors, the pose or the certain look a newborn gave me.

All my babies are stinkin' cute, so this is not a contest for cuteness but a contest to choose the best photo of the group.

Some of them are hitting their 1 year birthdays soon and some are barely a month old.

Now it's your turn to pick your favorite photo. Please vote at the top of my site www.blissphotographymn.com for your favorite.

You can only vote once per device. 
Voting will start Friday, January 16th and end on Thursday, January 22nd at noon.

The winner with the most votes will receive:
A free session to be used prior to June 2015 (worth $150)
A free session for a friend to be used prior to June 2015 (worth $150)
1- 8x10 album of any session of your choosing (worth $125)
An 8x12 framed print of the winning photo (worth $110)
Total prize worth: $535!

1. Bianca
bliss photography - newborn Bianca

2. Merideth
bliss photography -newborn Merideth

3. Bjorn
bliss photography-newborn Bjorn

4. Bryce
bliss photography-newborn Bryce

5. Cora
bliss photography-newborn Cora

6. Ethan
bliss photography-newborn Ethan

7. Maya
bliss photography-newborn Maya

8. Patrick
bliss photography-outdoor newborn Patrick

9. Piper
bliss photography- newborn Piper

10. Sam
bliss photography-Newborn Sam

All the beautiful 2014 babies!
2014 bliss photography rochester newborn babies

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Holiday mini session outtakes

The Holidays are filled with laughter, fun, excitement and joy. Well.... sometimes.

Enjoy a few outtakes from this year's mini sessions.

There were the tears.

bliss photography-59008
bliss photography-59007
bliss photography-59003
bliss photography-59006bliss photography-59015

And fun with the shiny balls.
bliss photography-59005bliss photography-59017

Some that came very close to knocking me out!
bliss photography-59009bliss photography-59011

Not everyone got along.
bliss photography-59012bliss photography-59013
bliss photography-59002

but with a little help, it all turned out fine!
bliss photography-59016

And last but not least... there were a lot of adorable kids and believe it or not a couple good pictures!


Friday, November 21, 2014

Bliss Family Announcement

So many changes this year. Click play for more exciting news!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Rochester, MN Senior Photographer: Hadi

Senior season is in full swing. Guys are great to work with. They are very no fuss and are just looking to "get through" it all. I love when we can connect and they tell me "that wasn't so bad and I actually had fun" at the end of a session. I'll take it!

senior boy bliss photography-5502

senior boy bliss photography-5508

senior boy bliss photography-5518

senior boy bliss photography-5523

senior boy bliss photography-5526

senior boy soccer bliss photography-5527

senior boy soccer bliss photography-5529

senior boy bliss photography-5539

senior boy dog bliss photography-5543

senior boy field bliss photography-5547

senior boy field bliss photography-5549

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Rochester, MN Newborn Photographer


The newest member of the Bliss Family...

The littlest Bliss...

It's a...


newborn kitten bliss photography-39006
newborn kitten bliss photography-39007
newborn kitten bliss photography-39004
newborn kitten bliss photography-39005
newborn kitten bliss photography-39011
newborn kitten bliss photography-39012