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My name is Catharine and I really just want to cuddle with your newborn, cry with you when you tell me about meeting your baby for the first time and rejoice with you when your child takes their first steps. Taking photos is my way to share in your life. I'm looking forward to meeting you and getting to know your family! Based in Rochester, MN, Bliss Photography LLC. specializes in Newborn, Baby, Children, Family, and Senior Photography. Be sure to stop over to my Facebook page for lots of recent work Thanks for considering Bliss Photography LLC.


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Testimonials for Bliss Photography

I struggle to convey what you will experience when you book a session with me.

How can I tell you the love I have for babies?
How can I tell you that I've been there as a parent struggling and smiling all at the same time?
How can I tell you that I think, plan and dream about sessions weeks before they even happen?
How can I convey that by trusting me to capture your photos, that you will be making the right decision?

I can't, so perhaps my clients who have worked with me can. Here are their stories....

A note from Nicole:

My family started having portraits taken by bliss photography when I was expecting my second child. I have been so impressed with Bliss Photography that we keep going back. We have done maternity, newborn, first year packages, family pictures and my children's yearly pictures with Bliss Photography.

Catharine is truly a professional in every way. She has a magic touch when photographing newborns and she can get a smile out of the most stubborn toddler. Catharine goes above and beyond to make sure we have great session. I love how she pays attention to each individual child and captures their personality. I have always been very happy with our finished portraits. I highly recommend Bliss Photography to family and friends.

bliss photography-7406

And from Shannon and Matt:

Catharine has been with us capturing the most important memories of our family since our daughter Braylin was 6 months old and diagnosed with a rare terminal illness. We did not think we would see her to her 1st birthday and Bliss Photography was there the entire journey capturing all the precious moments. Making sacrifices to accommodate our "special" circumstances was just one of the blessings we received from Catharine and Bliss Photography. On one occasion she even set up her studio in our living room since we can not get our daughter out of the house very easily with all her equipment. Pictures are memories that will last a life time. Our daughter will not. Every time I glance at the wall and see myself and my daughter in such loving moments I never thought could be captured by a photo, I thank God for Catharine and her talent to "just know", when to take the shot. We will forever have Braylin in our hearts, and in photos. She is in the 10% that has made it to her 2nd birthday. When Braylin is gone, Catharine, and Bliss Photography will forever have a special place in our hearts and most of all in our home forever. Never put off tomorrow what you could get done today because you never know when it could be your last. Catharine captures a moment that is gone forever, impossible to reproduce, just by her talented photographs you'll have it for eternity.

Thank you Bliss Photography for all the moments you have given us to remember a lifetime
The Hiley Family

hiley testimony

From Kerry H.

We have been quite pleased to work with Catharine. We have done both the newborn and 4 month sessions of our Baby's First Year Plan, and have been satisfied with the photographs and the experience. She was well organized and had a plan with ideas prior to the session, but was always willing to be flexible if we had other ideas. Her studio has a peaceful and calm atmosphere. Likewise, she had a calm and sensitive demeanor with our baby. Additionally, she was flexible with scheduling, quick to respond to emails, and the ordering process was straightforward. Her turn around time with the photographs was excellent and we were very pleased with the end result. We are very happy with Bliss Photography.
mom and baby rochester minnesota bliss photography-3500
girl bliss photography-4411

From a message I received from Courtney:

So, I wanted to check up on your page, but before the page was fully loaded it stopped at the top of your site. At which point I read your introduction (which I hadn't actually read before). "My name is Catharine and I really just want to cuddle with your newborn, cry with you at your wedding, and rejoice with you when your child takes their first steps. Taking photos is my way to share in your life..."

Anyway, it reminded me of when we brought Greggory to you for his newborn shoot. We honestly were so freaking terrified to move him around for the risk of breaking him! LOL and aside from nurses and a few family members, you were one of the first people to handle our son. I remember Bryan and I just being shocked at how good you were with him! He slept the whole time, and you took some great photos! Anyway, in a way-just watching you really helped us out with some of those new parent fears we were experiencing.

courtney testimony

We highly recommend Bliss Photography for pictures from newborn all the way up to adult pictures.  She is by far the best photographer we have experienced when it comes to newborn pictures. She was so patient with our newborn, and it was honestly amazing how she could keep him calm, and stay in pose, for the entire session.

Beyond pictures she is genuinely a good person, and very easy to get a long with.  You do not feel rushed and she does not get flustered even when the kids are not behaving - that really goes a long way.  We have used Bliss Photography for both newborn, adult and family pictures.  We have been thoroughly pleased and impressed every time.

-Ryan and Erin Pendergast
newborn pose photography family www.blissphotographymn.com
bliss photography-

And a short video from our family shoot about 6 months later..
Pendergast Family from Levi Avery on Vimeo.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Rochester, MN Photographer: Bliss Photography Studio Open House

I feel as if I am still flying high. Flying high on all the support, love and laughs I shared yesterday with so many people. Almost 70 people came to my Open House for my new studio space. The weather was awful, cold, snowy. The roads were terrible and still they came. Wow. I'm just so blessed. Thank you to Amy Nguyen for helping to capture the day and to my friends and family who helped with cleaning, set up, food prep, greeting and support. Also, thank you to the 17 families who RSVP'd for a free session. Enjoy the photos and be sure to book a session and stop by to see it!

Click Play to view photos from the day:

Slideshow of Open House

Bliss Photography Studio Open House

Enjoy watching the studio transform!

Slideshow of Studio Transformation

Construction: Jeff Steiner

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Rochester, MN Maternity Photographer: Hiro

There is a little girl coming to see me this week but before I meet her I had to share her mama's maternity photos. I can't wait to see her with her gorgeous mama and handsome daddy. Hiro helped to be my very first session in my new space. It wasn't even done and we stepped over dust and tools to make it happen, but so glad we did because I'm in love with how they turned out. She was due in only 10 days when we did this session. Wow, can you even believe it? Oh and if you couldn't guess she is also an amazing Yoga instructor. I think maternity yoga may be my next personal project. love love.
studio maternity bliss photography-2703
studio maternity bliss photography-2710
studio maternity bliss photography-2707
studio maternity bliss photography-2722
studio yoga maternity bliss photography-2717
studio maternity bliss photography-2725
winter maternity bliss photography-2735
winter maternity bliss photography-2741

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rochester, MN Photographers Studio Open House

It has been my dream for so many years to have a space that I can feel proud to bring my clients into. A space that relaxes them, a space that babies can fall asleep in, and a space that kids can enjoy.

I can finally say that space is ready. Please join me in celebrating, because although this is my dream it wouldn't have happened without you.

open house flyer

**Edited to add that mini sessions are now full. Stop by for booking discounts though!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rochester, MN Newborn Photographer: Ethan

I fell in love with Ethan. He stole my heart the minute I saw is gorgeous locks and amazing lips. He was such a perfect little model. He slept so well, if he did wake, he was right back out. He did cover me in poo, but that is par for the course. A quick change and he was back out and snug as a bug.
blue newborn bliss photography-2504
blue newborn bliss photography-2505
blue red newborn bliss photography-2507
newborn feet bliss photography-2506
yellow gray newborn bliss photography-2518
yellow gray newborn bliss photography-2521
brown red newborn bliss photography-2529
red gray newborn bliss photography-2532
yellow gray newborn bliss photography-2535
dad newborn bliss photography-2536
family newborn bliss photography-2541

Rochester, MN Children's Photographer: Sydney 2 years

Sydney. Gosh she is so cute and fun. And of course she is very 2. She gets to decide when to smile, when to sit etc. So we just roll with it. She was even a trouper in the snow for a couple shots! Because if you have a winter birthday, you have snow!
white couch 2 bliss photography-1402
gray bliss photography-1405
purple gray aqua bliss photography-1412
purple gray bliss photography-1420
purple gray bliss photography-1421
snow birthday 2 bliss photography-1423
snow birthday bliss photography-1426

Monday, February 10, 2014

Rochester Children's Photographer: Lauren 1 year

I can't believe that tiny baby Lauren is already a big 1 year old! She has grown so much and has so much personality. Her smile just lights up a room. She was even super tough and braved the snow for a few outdoor photos. :) So glad she did!
purple and gray bliss photography-1706
coral and gray bliss photography-1720coral and gray bliss photography-1716
snow baby bliss photography-1727snow baby sled bliss photography-1724